Tesla is going to show us all ... something about the Model 3 tomorrow evening. Don't expect to learn every last detail about the lower-cost electric vehicle because, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in February when asked about the March reveal event, "We're not going to show everything about Model 3 until a lot closer to production time." Given the secrecy, is it really a surprise that we're seeing talk of leaks and supposed specs today?* Because here we go.

Electrek says it got some heretofore unknown details about the Model 3. These include a 0-60 time of under four seconds and a look that is, "like a smaller hybrid of the Model X and S. It is a bit taller sedan with a unique front that looks more like a Model X than a Model S." We've heard that the Model 3 will have a few different body styles (CUV, sedan), and this description sounds like it might be the CUV. Which trim level might get that not-quite-ludicrous acceleration speed is also unknown, but Electrek says that you can spec out your Model 3 to almost $60,000, for AWD and an 80-kWh or thereabouts battery. Is any of this true? Who knows, but we should hopefully know tomorrow evening.

To say that interest in this EV is high is an understatement. When was the last time you heard about excited buyers camping out in front of a dealership (okay, okay, a store) for a new car? TIME magazine is getting in on the promotion with an article that says absolutely nothing new. Musk is saying Tesla, "may need to increase production plans for the Model 3," based on the results of a CNBC poll that shows that 86 percent of the people in an unscientific, online poll are interested in buying one.
Whatever tomorrow night brings, we'll be there. You will also be able to watch the event on a livestream here starting at around 11:30 pm Eastern.

*The answer is, "no," of course.

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