CNBC posted a poll on its website on Tuesday, asking readers about their willingness to place a deposit for Tesla's upcoming sedan. The poll's exact wording: "Would you put down $1,000 for the new Tesla Model 3?"

On Tuesday evening, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter, posting an image of the results so far. Of the 12,214 people who had responded to the poll, 55 percent chose the option of "Yes, and I'll definitely buy one too." That's a little over 6,700 eager customers.

The second most popular answer, with 21 percent of the vote, was "Yes, but not sure if I'll actually buy it when the time comes." Another 10 percent said "No, won't make a deposit, but I'll still buy one when they come out." Only five percent showed no interest at all (well, plus however many people saw the poll and weren't interested enough to respond), while nine percent were undecided.
Musk provided his own commentary on the poll, saying "Looks like we may need to increase production plans for the Model 3."

Overnight, as responses grew to number over 19,000, the eager depositors slipped down to 52 percent, while eight percent say they're not interested at all.

Thursday is the big day, as Tesla will finally reveal the much-hyped Model 3 at 8:30 PM Pacific. Tesla will begin taking reservations in the morning, though, and people are already lining up. Whether or not Tesla does end up boosting production, or if Elon was just being cheeky, remains to be seen.

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