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The essential drone buyer's guide

Hit the skies with these fun, high­-flying UAVs.

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Drones have exploded in popularity over the last year, and while Amazon will soon be using them to deliver your packages, there's plenty of consumer drones for the entry­-level flyer to get started with. To help you pick the best one, we've rounded up five of the best consumer level drones around, available now at exclusive discounts for Autoblog readers. Check them out below.

Ultra­Stealth Nano Drone

Ultra­Stealth Nano Drone

MSRP: $40

Today: $19.99

Why you'll love it: The price

This little guy is the smallest and least expensive drone on the list, but might be the most fun to fly. The Ultra­Stealth Nano Drone lets you easily flip through the air and navigate tight spaces, and has eight frequency points so you can fly in packs and it won't disturb or crash into its fellow aerial vehicles. Normally $40, Autoblog readers can get one today for 50% off—just $19.99 + free shipping.

World's Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card

World's Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card

MSRP: $50

Today: $34.99

Why you'll love it: Aerial photography at an ultra low cost

This tiny flyer is the smallest drone of its kind to carry its own camera for taking epic shots in the smallest places. Four fast blades make this new quadcopter omni­directional, which in layman's terms means it can dip, dash, zip, spin, and flip anywhere you tell it to via remote control. Plus, it's decked out with LED lights so you can embark on (and document) night flights. Autoblog readers can get this camera drone and a 2GB micro SD card for just $34.99 with free shipping ­– 30 percent off retail value.

Code Black Drone

Code Black Drone

MSRP: $199

Today: $69.99

Why you'll love it: The looks

The Code Black HD Camera Drone is one of the more revered and exciting quadcopters on the market, with HD video capability, a generous 10 -minute flight time and easy-to-use controls for a stable flight. On top of all that, it comes in a limited edition matte ­black finish, which can't be found anywhere else on the web. This is a great introductory drone at just $69.99 plus free shipping, over 60 percent off MSRP.

Axis VIDIUS FPV­Camera Drone

Axis VIDIUS FPV­Camera Drone

MSRP: $95

Today: $74.99

Why you'll love it: First person view

The Axis VIDIUS Drone is the world's smallest first person view drone, and is designed to offer the fun and excitement of first person view flight to the everyday pilot. The VIDIUS is small enough that you don't even need to register it with the FAA, and features a 100-­foot range and live video feed transmitted directly to your Apple or Android device. At just $75 with free US shipping, the Axis VIDIUS is a steal for first person flying fun. Grab yours today.

Discovery Wi­Fi FPV Drone with HD Camera

Discovery Wi­Fi FPV Drone with HD Camera

MSRP: $150

Today: $129

Why you'll love it: All the features you could ask for

The Discovery Wi­Fi FPV Drone takes the cake for most features packed into a single drone. It's equipped with an on­board HD camera, and connects to your smart device via Wi­Fi so you can watch a live feed of your flight right on your phone. It even includes an autopilot mode so you can sit back and let it fly. But in the case that you happen to lose it, the press of one button will bring it home. Normally $150, Autoblog readers can pick one up today for just $129 with free shipping.

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