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Good Samaritans pull couple from burning car in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles couple is alive today thanks to the bravery and quick action of some Good Samaritans and the Los Angeles Police Department. On the evening of March 28, a black Merdedes-Benz collided with another car and then crashed into an empty Metro Bus at the intersection of South Western Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South LA. Upon impact with the bus, the Benz burst into flames with the driver and passenger trapped inside. ABC7 released dramatic video sent to them by Instagram user IAmSteele showing the aftermath of the crash.

A Los Angeles Fire Department official said that two LAPD officers and some passers by were able to pull the driver and passenger out of the Mercedes before a fire crew could arrive on the scene. Angelinos Everett Sperling and Jamie Turner were among the group of people who freed the trapped driver and passenger from the burning car.

"The car was on fire and we couldn't get the windows busted open," said Sperling. "We were using a hammer and eventually we pulled the people out through the window."

"It was just a reaction, wasn't really even a thought," said Turner. "It was just, 'Oh, you got to help somebody.' I wouldn't want to see nobody on fire. I would want people to react the same way if I was on fire."

LAFD officials said that four vehicles were damaged and at least seven people were injured in the crash, including the Mercedes driver who suffered third-degree burns. The LAPD has not yet determined what caused the crash, and an investigation is ongoing.

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