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There's an old adage that in peace, a nation should prepare for war, and when at war, the same nation should prepare for peace. The United States' allies against the Islamic State seem to have forgotten that lesson after reports have emerged that weapons stores from the US are being tapped by other countries operating against ISIS.

According to Air Force Times, coalition fighters and bombers have been taking weapons as needed. Although the exact number of US weapons dropped by coalition allies isn't available, AFT reports that nearly 29,000 weapons were dropped in 2015, with US forces flying over half the sorties, according to stats from Air Forces Central Command.

"We do have relationships with our coalition partners for those supplies; they are using those weapons as well," Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at Headquarters Air Force Lt. Gen. John Raymond told reporters, according to AFT. A USAF statement added that weapons stockpiles are being watched closely and that the stores are in place to do what needs "to do what we need to do today."

Still, this news comes less than five months after Autoblog Military published a report on the Air Force's rapidly depleting weapons stores. In that report, ABM quoted an official that spoke to CNN who indicated that weapons supplies were "below our desired objective." While it can't be confirmed, it seems like that shortage could at least be partially blamed on Uncle Sam supplying allied aircraft with precision-guided munitions.

At the end of the day, though, the important thing is that the weapons end up on target, regardless of what flag the delivering aircraft fly under.

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