Jay Leno continues his recent run of checking out older machines this week. However unlike recent Jay Leno's Garage videos featuring LaBestioni or Sung Kang's 1973 Datsun 240Z, this one is practically stock and rides on two wheels. Leno saddles up a 1931 Indian 101 Scout and explains why the bike is one of America's greatest motorcycles.

The Scout is a famous name on two wheels, even before a recent revival, and these early bikes built that reputation through a combination of solid performance and great reliability. According to Leno, the Scout wasn't the fastest bike in its day, but they kept up pretty well. Their real advantage was innovative construction that let them eat up the miles while more sophisticated machines broke down.

Leno sounds a little under the weather or maybe just tired in this episode, so it makes sense to slow things down. We don't get to see a burnout or canyon carving this time, but Leno still has a lot of fun during the ride. Even at low speeds, the Scout keeps its rider busy managing a foot clutch, hand shift, spark advance, and the throttle. It's a fascinating exercise to watch, and well worth checking out for the history of a classic American motorcycle.

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