The safety of modern racecars is absolutely astounding, and few videos show that better than this crash from a race in France's GT Tour at Nogaro.

Driver Sacha Bottemanne in a Ferrari 458 GT3 bumps a fellow racer in another Ferrari. The slight hit is still enough to throw Bottemanne off balance, and his Prancing Horse slams hard into the wall. The high-speed crash causes pieces to explode off the car, but you can immediately see the driver moving inside once the Ferrari stops spinning.

Bottemanne climbs out the space formerly occupied by the windshield, and a corner worker helps him limp to the side of the track. A translated tweet from GT Tour says the driver went to the hospital afterward, but he only suffered some bruises. After a shocking crash straight into the wall at such high speed, it says a lot for GT3 safety that his injuries were so minor.

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