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Ariel Atom 3.5R, Yamaha R1, and Rallycross DS3 drag race

While they're all certainly quick, there's not much in common among a Yamaha R1 motorcycle, an Ariel Atom 3.5R sports car, and a Citro├źn DS3 racer from the FIA World Rallycross Championship. It's fascinating to watch them drag race in this Autocar video, though. They first sprint over an eighth mile and then stage a second run over a quarter mile.

With its low weight and big power, you might expect the bike to have an advantage here, at least over the Ariel. However, this is a 1998 example with 128 horsepower and a rather large rider. Both factors even the playing field against the sports car. The DS3 rallycross machine has impressive acceleration, but the short gearing limits the top speed. Watch the race to see if its leap off the starting line is enough to guarantee a win.

The clip starts with some interviews, but skip to 3:55 to check out the eighth-mile race. The way the DS3 gets away at the start is simply astonishing. Go to 4:53 to watch the quarter-mile run and see if the extra distance changes the results.

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