There's always some new controversy hovering over the Formula One paddock like a thick fog. If it's not team orders or industrial espionage it's unsportsmanlike conduct between two rivals or the off-track behavior of some driver or FIA official. This year it's all about qualifying, with the new format introduced for the Australian Grand Prix already jettisoned in time for the next round in Bahrain. But as ridiculous as this video may seem, McLaren may just be onto something.

The clip shows Jenson Button strapping himself into the cockpit of the latest McLaren-Honda, just as he would for any race. Only this time he's not starting from the grid or even the pit lane. This time the former world champion straps in for a computer-animated airdrop out the back of an RAF C-130.

Okay, so maybe it wouldn't be the safest way to determine the starting order, at least not until those proposed new halos are installed (along with some beefier shocks). But suppose, just for a second, that instead of lining up according to the fastest qualifying times, F1 drivers hit the ground running after being airlifted and parachuted out of a cargo plane?

After all, if the Stig could bungee-jump an F1 car, and drag racers can pack parachutes, why not skydive onto the grid with the engine running? It's not like the drivers can't handle the G forces, and it'd sure beat the classic Le Mans start where the drivers run across the track, jump into their cars, and get moving.

Okay, fine. We're just kidding.

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