A website for something called Edison Destiny popped up the other day. It is an enigma wrapped in a paradoxical catchphrase, surrounded by invisible buzz words, accompanied by a rendering of an uninspired automotive design. Does it represent a new electric car company? A parody film? An EDM album? We can't say for sure.

The slogan "Building yesterday's future tomorrow" is featured on the page.

Here's what we know. The website URL was created on February 12 by an unknown entity. Edison Destiny hasn't been trademarked in the US, the EU, or China, and doesn't have a Twitter or Facebook presence (or Google+ or YouTube). Besides the slogan "Building yesterday's future tomorrow" featured on the static page, we find the following sentences hidden in the HTML code: "Electricity, connectivity, mobility. The dreams of yesterday become today's future. Harnessing innovation isn't just inevitable, it's our destiny."

What does it all even mean? On the surface, it would seem to indicate that yet another EV company may launch using the name of a pioneer in the field of electricity, not realizing that Faraday Future represented a shark jumping of that concept. Someone did, after all, go through the trouble of making a logo with which to represent the effort and slapped it, somewhat awkwardly, on the the proposed grill of a vehicle which they also (presumably) penned. They also shelled out at least $11.99 to GoDaddy for the URL and additional funds paid for the hosting of the site. So, it could be for real.

Unless this is really a marketing student's project, though, we have to give it a D. (If it is someone's homework, it gets a B, at least.) Whatever the case, we feel compelled to tell the author of the main slogan to take these softly-crooned words of the late Elvis Presley to heart – Tomorrow Never Comes.

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