Police in Wilmington, NC are investigating a viral video that shows a local man driving off the road to run over a Trump for President campaign sign. Julien Schuessler of Wilmington posted a video to Facebook on March 15 showing him driving his white Jeep off the road in a reckless manner to smash a Trump sign. He captioned the video, "I love having a Jeep sometimes." The video immediately went viral, reaching nearly a million views and 25,000 shares in less than twenty-four hours.

Any elation Schuessler may have felt at having his video go viral was short lived, though. According to WWAY, Wilmington Police were tipped off to the existence of the video on the afternoon of March 16. They were, understandably, less than pleased. In an official tweet, WPD stated that they were aware of the video and were investigating.

A spokesperson for the WPD stated that Schuessler faces multiple charges for his little stunt, including hit and run, reckless driving, and failure to maintain lane control. WWAY reached out to Schuessler for comment, but he has declined to respond.

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