Brake checking crash that went viral under investigation

Video footage of a crash caused by a driver who suddenly hit the brakes in front of a car that was following too close caught the attention of police in Fox Valley, WI this week. The dashboard camera footage, shot on I-41 near Green Bay, was uploaded to YouTube on March 10, Fox5 reports. Since appearing online, the crash has been viewed over three million times. It serves as an excellent illustration of what happens when you play power games on the freeway.

The term brake checking refers to the act of momentarily tapping hard the brakes as a way of encouraging tailgating vehicles to back off. While following too close to a car is dangerous in its own right, so is brake checking other drivers. In the video, a driver in the left lane suddenly hits the brakes to try and shake off a driver that was following too close. When the vehicle suddenly braked, the tailgating SUV driver overcorrected to avoid a crash, sending their vehicle swerving across two lanes of traffic before settling in a ditch in the grassy median.

No one comes off as a good guy in this situation, but the left-lane squatting, brake-checking driver proved to be the most dangerous driver in this instance. However, the driver who crashed is the only one who has so far been cited. Police are now searching for the driver who caused the crash and drove away. Fox Valley police told WFLA that they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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