Shasta County woman leads police on totally groovy chase

Would you lead police on a high-speed chase through town for a Scooby Snack? A Shasta County woman did just that over the weekend in her very own Mystery Machine. On Sunday, March 6, a Shasta County probation officer contacted the Redding, CA police department about Sharon Kay Turman who was wanted for violating probation, PIX 11 reported. After a short search, police located Turman near the intersection of California and Shasta streets at the wheel of a 1994 Chrysler minivan painted up like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

Redding police attempted to stop Turman, but she apparently had an important mystery to investigate and she fled the scene. She sped down South Market Street with Redding Police in hot pursuit, running a red light and hitting four other vehicles in an intersection. This didn't stop the Mystery Machine however, and RPD broke off their chase as she entered southbound Highway 273. A California Highway Patrol helicopter picked her up on Hill Drive just north of Anderson, CA and she was pursued through town by Anderson PD at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

She eventually abandoned the Mystery Machine on California Highway 36 and fled on foot. Turman's whereabouts, and the status of the Scooby Snacks, are currently unknown. She is wanted by both the Redding Police Department and Shasta County Probation. Both agencies told KRCRTV that they are asking anyone with information regarding her whereabouts to contact them.

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