Hyundai working on some sort of secret, single-seat EV

City runabout EV (we assume) and electric scooter are on the way.

Hyundai's big electric push at the Geneva Motor Show this week was its three-pronged Ioniq line-up. But there will apparently be at least two other electric vehicles coming from the South Korean automaker in the near future, according to Reuters. These vehicles are a single-seat EV and an electric scooter.

Neither of these EVs were mentioned in Hyundai's press releases.

Neither of these EVs were mentioned in Hyundai's official press releases from Geneva, so details are sparse, but Reuters says that these non-standard vehicles slot nicely into Hyundai's future mobility plans. The Korea Herald says that the automaker is going to invest more in future projects that don't necessarily involve new cars. The idea is to increase the "mobility freedom" for people, according to a presentation from Hyundai Motor Group vice chairman Chung Eui-sun during Geneva. Hyundai would not confirm the news of the scooter or the single-seat EV to Reuters and requests for more information from AutoblogGreen were also ignored. When we learn anything official, we will let you know.

Given the lack of details, we'll make some educated guesses. Electric scooters are extremely popular in Asia, and we don't think this will stray too far from the two-wheels-and-a-battery model that already works well. As for the one-seat EV, we have to think that Hyundai will take a page from the Renault Twizy or Toyota i-Road, both sleek little electric runabouts that are quirky, sure, but also perfect for running errands in an urban environments. We expect some sort of carsharing program, as well.

The official Ioniq vehicles were three powertrains in one body style: a hybrid, PHEV, and pure EV. You can get all the details that we know about these vehicles so far here.

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