Faraday Future gets first US patent for power inverter

EV maker Faraday Future complements concept vehicle with improved component.

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California-based Faraday Future has followed up its concept-vehicle debut at CES and its recent announcement of a future Nevada factory with its first US patent. The company is making a power inverter called " FF Echelon Inverter." More inventions may be in store, as Faraday Future has submitted more than 100 patents during the past year.

Faraday Future is touting the inverter as an improvement over its competitors because it doesn't use off-the-shelf components (the implication is that Tesla Motors does for its inverters) and has a lower number of transistors and other components. The company said that the inverter's power density is as much as 30 percent greater than what else is out there. The product will also be cheaper to make, and it's designed to reduce the chances of an electric current being shared across parallel components, meaning the electric vehicle in question has less of a chance of shutting down from an electrical hiccup.

While Faraday Future isn't name-checking its competition, the company's senior management includes four former Tesla Motors employees, so the California-based electric vehicle maker is a benchmark of sorts. Faraday Future, which has more than 600 employees, said in December that it would build a $1 billion factory near Las Vegas. The following month, the two-year-old company debuted its FFZERO1 concept vehicle at Las Vegas's CES conference. Faraday Future said at the time that the vehicle's layout, in which the battery cells rest between the front and rear axles, allows flexibility in regards to front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive powertrain design. Other technological bells and whistles include a place where a smartphone can be docked in the center of the car's steering wheel, not to mention the car's super-futuristic look.

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