Zenvo TS1 and TSR take different routes to improve on ST1

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Zenvo, the Danish supercar manufacturer famous for nearly barbecuing Jeremy Clarkson, has brought a pair of cars to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Don't get it twisted, though. These are not successors to the flaming ST1 so much as the same vehicles with more power, performance, and a different name.

The TS1 is allegedly more comfortable thanks to a serious update to the cabin. The material quality looks to be improved, but the biggest upgrade is the steering wheel. The ST1's wheel looks like it came from 1993 and just didn't fit the character of a super-expensive hypercar. The new wheel is joined by updated seats and while the yellow trim might be a bit much, it's better than the dreary sea of black offered on the ST-1.

The monster sitting behind the driver gets a few tweaks, too. Output remains the same, though (not that the Zenvo could ever be accused of lacking power in the first place). There's 1,104 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque from the twin-charged, 6.8-liter V8, and while there wasn't much more to go on, it's a safe bet that the TS1 will match the ST1 on the stopwatch.

The TSR, meanwhile, is also based on the ST1, but goes in the opposite direction. It's meant to be a pure track vehicle and gets all the safety and performance equipment required for such a gig. The tires are super-sticky, track-only Michelins, and the aerodynamic aids are far bigger – you could trip on the front splitter and hold a concert on the rear wing. There's also a far more purposeful rear splitter. We can't see much of the interior, but it does look like there's a full roll cage, and we're guessing a robust set of racing seats.

You can check out both Zenvos in the attached galleries. The TSR is up top and the TS1 down below.

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