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If you recall, we tested a Volkswagen Up! on American roads way back in 2012. No surprise, we liked it, calling it "the best little car we can't have." And based on the updates for 2016, presented this week at the Geneva Motor Show, the updated Up! looks to be an even juicier piece of forbidden fruit. For one, it's much more powerful thanks to a new 1.0-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

The new triple's output is 89 horsepower, up from 74, but the bigger news is the increase in torque: 118 pound-feet, instead of 70. That should give this little guy some serious point-and-shoot ability, a statement that's backed up by the stopwatch – this car can hit 62 miles per hour in 10 seconds. No, that's not quick, but it's a full three seconds faster than the car we drove in 2012 and is even quicker than a number of US-market vehicles, like the Nissan Versa or Chevrolet Spark. Basically, the new Up! now has the performance to survive in America, even though it'll never come here.

Buyers can now get the Up! with a five-inch touchscreen display, a multi-function steering wheel, auto climate control, and a thumping BeatsAudio stereo. Oh, and as we noted in our previous review, being a product of the European market means the Up! hasn't been cursed with a cut-rate interior, like the US-market Jetta, so it should automatically be a much nicer place to spend time. Maybe VW will bring one of the updated cars to our shores for a followup test. Here's hoping.
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Next up! – the world premiere

Outstanding new engine, more individualisation, smartphone integration
World premiere of the new Volkswagen up! at the Geneva Motor Show
The up! TSI with a new 90 PS turbo engine and agile handling
New up! beats with a 300 W BeatsAudio™ sound system

Ten key facts – the new up! in keywords
1. Added dynamism and individuality: Volkswagen comprehensively upgrades its successful city car.
2. More power: New 90 PS TSI engine is on a par with the performance of the first Golf GTI, but with fuel consumption of just 4.4 l/100 km (53.6 mpg).
3. New look: The up! comes with new bumpers, a new rear diffuser, door mirrors with integrated indicator lights, new headlights with LED daytime running lights, and new rear lights.
4. The right up! for everyone: Extensive customization with 13 body colors, three roof colors, and ten dashpad designs.
5. Improved networking: New Composition Phone radio system and smartphone integration for ultimate connectivity.
6. More sound: Volkswagen is also presenting the new up! beats with a 300 W sound system – powered by BeatsAudio™.
7. A perfect environment: New Climatronic with Pure Air system.
8. Cool background lighting design in the interior: New ambient lighting in white (high up!), orange (cross up!) or in blue (e-up!).
9. Ready to go: New up! will be available in late summer 2016.
10. More value for money: The base price of the new up! will remain at the level of its predecessor, with higher specifications.

In brief – the world premiere of the latest up!
Wolfsburg/Geneva, March 2016. The smallest Volkswagen is becoming yet more colorful and sharper still. Late this summer, the second series of the up! will be launched in Europe – with newly designed body panels, new colors, new wheels, new individualization options, new equipment, a completely redesigned interior, a new infotainment system and an outstanding new engine that offers a significant boost in performance and torque. Volkswagen is presenting the new version of the up! to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. The up! has been one of the most successful small cars in Europe for five years. Its ever-increasing sales volume secures market leadership for the up! in its segment in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. However, the up! has also enjoyed great success outside Europe, with strong performance in markets such as Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

New design and interior elements. Every version of the up! presented in Geneva will come with new headlights (with LED daytime running lights as standard), new bumpers, a prominent rear diffuser, newly designed taillights, new exterior mirror housings with integrated indicator lights, new colors and décor for the dashpad (dashboard styling panel) as well as new seat designs. Just like the larger Volkswagens, the latest up! is now also available with the "Light and Sight" package ("Coming home" and "Leaving home" functions as well as rain sensors). Foglighs will now also feature cornering lights. Volkswagen is also offering the up! with a multi-function steering wheel and Pure Air Climatronic (automatic air conditioning) for the first time. Pure Air includes an air quality sensor with an active biogenic filter that keeps the atmosphere in the cabin at a consistently high level and prevents pollutants, fungal spores or allergens from entering the cabin.

New turbo engine. The outstanding new engine for the up! offers a ground-breaking, highy efficient drive system: the 1.0 TSI. This turbocharged direct-injection (TSI) engine delivers 66 kW/90 PS. The maximum torque of 160 Nm (118 pound feet) is available from 1,500 rpm. The three-cylinder engine is the first turbocharged engine to be fitted in the up! and the most powerful motor to date. It delivers truly dynamic performance, with a top speed of 115 mph, and takes just 10 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph. Its dynamic ability is paired with high efficiency: with consumption of 4.4 l/100 km or 53.6 mpg (equating to a forecast value of 102 g/km CO2), the up! 1.0 TSI can cover up to 497 miles on a single tank of fuel. The sportiness of the most powerful up! is emphasized by the visible exhaust tailpipe.

New smartphone integration. Another innovation in the new up! is its smartphone integration. Just connect the smartphone above the dashpad, pair via Bluetooth and it becomes an infotainment system with navigation and on-board computer functions, thanks to the Volkswagen app.
New up! beats with a 300 W sound system Coinciding with the market launch of the new up!, Volkswagen is offering a new equipment version: the up! beats, a car whose overall concept is defined by sound, because it comes with a 300 W sound system—from the American audio specialists BeatsAudio™—as standard. In this case, smartphone integration also comes as standard.

As you like it – the up! offers a new level of customisation

More colors and décor. The up! is a dynamic little car that makes mobility fun. With the new series, Volkswagen is putting the spotlight even more clearly on the individuality of each up! So the up! presented in Geneva comes with a choice of 13 body colors, 9 exterior decals, 10 new dashpad designs, 3 roof colors, 3 design packs, 2 color packs and 2 basic colors for the interior trim ("Titanium Black" and "Ceramique"), colored aluminum-alloy wheels and individualized-color ambient light available for the top-of-the-range models.

• Exterior colors. Of the 13 colors available, seven are new: "Teal Blue", "Coral Red", "Costa Azul" (blue), "Honey Yellow", "Edelweiss" (white), "Blueberry" and "Savanna Gold".
• Dashpad designs. Depending on the body colur, interior trim and model, up! buyers can choose from a selection of ten new dashpad designs, using an innovative labelling process that allows an even greater degree of customization.
More engines. Previously the range of engines comprised two three-cylinder units with multi-point injection (MPI) that deliver 44 kW/60 PS or 55 kW/75 PS. This duo of 1.0 liter petrol engines has now been augmented by the sporty new 1.0 TSI (66 kW/90 PS). As a zero-emission vehicle, the 60 kW/82 PS e-up! cruises through the city. Drivers who prefer natural gas can still opt for the 50 kW/68 PS eco up!
More standard equipment. A total of seven trim levels are available: take up!, move up!, high up! and eco up! (all of which are available as two- and four-door versions) as well as the load up!, cross up! and e-up! (each available with four doors).
• take up! In future, the base take up! will come with features such as LED daytime running lights, LED license plate lighting, door mirror casings with integrated indicators, a chrome trim strip between the headlights and remote-controlled central locking. The gloss black application on the center console (with heating and ventilation controls; plus optional climate control and radio) is framed by a narrow chrome strip.
• move up! In contrast to the first series, the move up! is the first model in the revised range to feature the newly developed "Composition" radio system, a USB port, an enlarged multi-function display and a customized "Black Cube" design dashpad as standard.
• high up! In the high up! the additional features include a newly developed ambient lighting system (white), a customized dashpad (with a choice of three versions of the "Pixels" design), heated front seats, a multifunction steering wheel, six loudspeakers, foglights with integrated static cornering lights and the new 15-inch "Radial" aluminum-alloy wheels. Air conditioning still comes as standard.
• cross up! New features on board the all-terrain cross up! are the "cross-look" dashpad and ambient lighting (orange).
• e-up! The new e-up! is characterized by the new "Shark Skin" dashpad design and ambient lighting (blue), a light and rain sensor and the new smartphone integration feature.

More equipment packages. Volkswagen is also offering three new roof packs designed to match the paint schemes—including roofs painted in contrasting black, white or grey as well as contrasting color door mirror caps and tinted rear windows. Other additions to the range are three design packs, including a dashpad, design decals for the exterior, and contrasting door mirror caps. The range of equipment packages is rounded off by the color packs, with the up! being given a final eye-catching flourish—along with the contrasting "Hot Orange" or "Gold Beige" colors—with 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, design decals for the body and matching door mirror caps.

New up! beats—perfect sound, powered by beats

300 watts from Dr. Dre. The American audio specialist Beats Electronics—founded in 2008 by the rapper Dr. Dre—has made a big impact on the music scene, primarily with its headphones. Now the Californian company also offers a wide range of other technologies, including full in-car sound systems. Volkswagen is unveiling these BeatsAudio™ sound systems for the first time at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in the SUV concept car, in the Polo and in the new up!. In the case of this city specialist, this results in a completely new equipment version: the up! beats. The sound system's 300 watt and 8-channel amplifier is fitted with a digital signal processor (DSP). To ensure crystal-clear sound, the system has seven high-end loudspeakers distributed around the interior: 2 tweeters in the A-pillars, 2 woofers in the front doors, 2 broadband loudspeakers in the back as well as a subwoofer integrated in the spare wheel well, which delivers powerful, punching bass tones.

• up! beats equipment. The up! beats also has added customized flair thanks to new 15-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, special beats design decals and contrasting color door mirror caps. In the interior, an individual dashpad, a special door sill plate as well as color-coordinated seat belts to match the new trimline give the car a very distinctive look. The up! beats also comes with smartphone integration and ambient lighting (white) as standard.

New infotainment concept—transform your smartphone into an infotainment system

Two new radio systems. Volkswagen has given smartphone integration a complete make-over. A new infotainment generation has been developed: the Composition system, with a 3.1-inch monochrome display, and the top-of-the-range Composition Phone system with a 5.0-inch color display. Both of the systems feature a twin tuner, AUX IN connection and SD card slot. The base system also has a CD player, while Composition Phone has a Bluetooth interface with hands-free function. The Composition Phone system also offers a rearview camera, available for the first time in the up! As an option, both of the systems can be supplemented by a DAB+ (digital radio receiver), the Sound Plus package (with six loudspeakers) as well as a USB port (in the center console). The Composition Phone system is also available with the new smartphone integration feature and the BeatsAudio™ sound system.

Smartphone integration. "Maps + More dock" can be used to integrate current smartphones, running either Apple or Android operating systems, into the Composition Phone's control system, simply by connecting the smartphone above the center console and pairing it with the radio head unit via Bluetooth. The Volkswagen app "Maps + More" can now be used to run "Navigation" (offline navigation without roaming costs, 2D or 3D map mode), "MFA" (multi-function display with vehicle data), "Phone" (with hands-free kit), "Think Blue. Trainer." (energy-saving tips), "E-charging Manager" (in the e-up), "Car Function" (various vehicle functions), "Media Control" (access to music details, display title, artist and cover, search function with handwriting recognition) and "Radio Control" (selection of FM, AM or DAB+; display, search and save radio stations). The smartphone integration system also includes a USB port that can be used to transfer data or for charging.

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