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I've long had a love affair with trucks, but I have a special affinity towards basic, down-to-earth work trucks. For me, that's the essence of what a truck is about, and what a truck should be. $50+K luxury lifestyle trucks are all well and good, but I want to use a truck as it was meant to be, that being more a workmate than a playmate. I don't particularly like a truck as my daily driver. They're just too big and ungainly. Give me a small nimble car for that. But used as intended, trucks are hard to beat.

If I had a choice between a pickup and a cargo van, I'd probably opt for a cargo van. Standard payload ratings are usually higher than comparable pickups (ex: Ford T-150 vs. F-150, etc.). They are like mobile warehouses in terms of what the can haul, and the cargo is weather-and prying-eyes protected. I would definitely miss the 4x4 capability of a pickup. However the MB Sprinter has a 4x4 model available, should I desire that feature.

What say you, Open Road readers? Daily driver or work specific? Basic truck or loaded up model? Pickup or cargo van?

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