VW has until March 24 for TDI fix, judge says

The race is on for Volkswagen. A US federal judge has given the embattled German giant until March 24 to come up with a fix for nearly 600,000 US-market vehicles affected by the company's diesel emissions scandal. Oh, and this isn't surprising, but the judge didn't seem amused that VW hasn't been able to come up with a fix since the scandal was exposed six months ago.

"Six months is long enough," District Court Judge Charles Breyer said, according to Automotive News. "This is an ongoing problem."

It's unclear what will happen to Volkswagen if it doesn't abide by the judge's timeline, or what will happen if the company's solution doesn't satisfy US authorities. VW's first fix, which covered all 482,000 2.0-liter TDI models in the US, was rejected by regulators. The company is continuing to work with the Department of Justice, EPA, and CARB, its lawyer said.

"We are committed to resolving these matters as quickly as possible," Robert Giuffra, VW's attorney, said during the hearing. According to Automotive News, he declined to elaborate on specifics of the settlement talks at the request of the Justice Department.

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