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The worst cars the US market has seen

Here is a topic that will spark much debate: What is the worst vehicle the U.S. auto market has seen? This debate will go on and on, I'm sure. Some will say their decision is based on dollars spent pre-launch or dollars in sales after launch. Others will say it's based on sheer ugly factor. Still others will say that it's not just a vehicle, it's an entire brand. Regardless, of approach, there seems to be a lot of agreement around the following three... Here's a little history and then you decide...

The Pontiac Aztek was a polarizing vehicle. Many liked its appearance. Many hated it. There seemed to be no in between. Sales were slow. So slow, in fact, that many of these vehicles stayed on dealer lots for years before being sold. Some even argue that the Aztek on its own is what put GM in such a weak position to consider the government bailout just a short time afterwards.

The Yugo was pitched as an economical and cheap car. Unfortunately, on the street it was also known as a two year disposable car. The American public didn't much like the quality issues that were all too common with the brand's vehicles. Sales started strong and trailed off quickly as the quality concerns came to light. Then the Yugoslavian war forced the company to stop U.S. sales because its factory was bombed. The car and brand has been viewed as "The Worst Car in History".

Edsel was launched as a brand between Ford and Lincoln almost 60 years ago. It was seen as a family of cars. A lot of money was spent on research and focus groups prior to the launch. So, there was every hope that the market would react positively with the vehicles. Unfortunately, the horse collar grill and the positioning didn't resonate with the U.S. market that was still recovering from a market crash. Resultantly, the brand was shuttered only a few years after launch and Ford's finances suffered for a short while.

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