A Wisconsin police officer was in the middle of a routine traffic stop when his night took a turn for the weird. Just after midnight on February 24, Officer Justin Brinks pulled over a car for speeding on Main Street in Jackson, Wisconsin. Officer Brinks asked the driver and her passenger to step out of the car when he thought he smelled marijuana, and had them stand in front of his cruiser as he searched their car. That's when the traffic stop went sideways.
Dashcam footage from Officer Brinks' cruiser released to FOX6 shows the couple stood with their backs to the cruiser as Officer Brinks searched their car. As they watched, something hit the passenger side of their car. Another object followed and shattered on the car's rear passenger window.

"I think they're egging our car," said the car's owner, an unnamed young woman. "Are you [expletive] kidding me? Someone just egged my car!" After the eggs stopped coming, Officer Brinks made a quick search and spotted someone standing nearby.

"I said, 'Hey, Jackson Police Department, can you stop right there for me?' Guy looked at me and said something like, 'Yeah, no' and took off running," Officer Brinks told Fox6. Brinks pursued the runner, and after a fifteen-minute foot chase apprehended Evan Waala who was apparently drunk.

"He made a statement that he didn't like cops," said Officer Brinks. "I assume he was trying to hit me or my squad car." The young couple from the initial traffic stop were cited for driving without insurance. Waala, who was out on bond after being charged in early February for possession and abuse of hazardous substances, was charged with obstructing an officer and bail jumping.

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