You read that correctly. This Jaguar XK120 costs $20,000. Sounds like a steal, right? There's a catch. It's 1:5 scale. But if you're looking for perhaps the most bespoke riff on a Power Wheels ever, this could be your new toy.

Offered by gift-specialist Hammacher Schlemmer, this diminutive Jag is faithful to the original with its swoopy appearance fronted by a narrow, vertical grille. There's a bit of a power drop, as this XK comes with a 110-cc four-stroke engine that can top out at 38 miles per hour. The 1949 model came with a 3,442-cc six-cylinder that made as much as 180 hp from the factory.

This toy car has an aluminum hull, steel box chassis, wishbone suspension, and gas shocks, according to the listing. It rolls on 10-inch aluminum wheels and has hydraulic brakes with Brembo, yes Brembo, discs. The inside has padded leather and a wood-rimmed steering wheel. The car shown is silver – but Hammacher Schlemmer notes that it's available in British Racing Green – or any color you like.

Obviously you're not hurting for cash if you have 20 grand to drop on a toy, but it is economical compared to real-life 1949 XK120. The car collecting and insurance gurus at Hagerty say an original is worth $475,000 in concours condition. Hagerty notes this Jag is significant for its design that channels the prewar BMW 328. The starting price was $3,940 in the United States when it was new.

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