If the 455-horsepower 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS isn't powerful enough for you off the showroom, ring up the folks at Hennessey Performance. The company can bump the coupe's output up to 650 hp if you want to keep the engine naturally aspirated, but supercharged versions can more than double the stock rating to 1,000 hp.

To achieve such a massive boost in performance, the company performs a thorough suite of engine modifications in addition to installing the supercharger and intercooler. Among the biggest tweaks is stroking the motor to 6.8 liters from the stock 6.2 liters. To make sure the mill can handle the boost, it also gets forged pistons, billet steel connecting rods, ported cylinder heads, an upgraded valve train, new engine management, and more. Hennessey tests each car before and after on a chassis dyno and does up to 100 miles of road evaluations. The company claims this tune works with the factory automatic and manual gearboxes.

The HPE1000 Camaro is available to order now. Clients send the company their 2016 Camaro SS, and the upgrades cost $65,000, which includes installation, John Hennessey tells Autoblog. The improvements also come with a one-year / 36,000-mile warranty.

Unfortunately, Hennessey Performance doesn't have a video of the HPE1000 Camaro, but it does have a clip (below) showing the naturally aspirated HPE600 version, which boasts 526 hp at the rear wheels. Think of it as just a taste of what the forced induction model might offer, but we'd imagine with a screaming supercharger.

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