We drive a Subaru to one of the world's largest glaciers

Another short video from our Patagonia adventure.

Now that we're back from Patagonia, senior video producer Chris McGraw is emptying out his camera memory and putting together a number of short clips showing the various places we visited along the journey. (Yes, we wanted to upload these last week, but had little to no wifi connectivity along the way.) In this latest video, we bring you the sights from our trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, and a look at the roads leading into Chile.

Our chariot for what was actually Day 3 of the trip was a Subaru Forester, which had no problem tackling the rough dirt and gravel roads through Patagonia, and was an excellent cruiser for the twisty paved roads leading into the Andes mountain range. The Perito Moreno Glacier is massive – roughly three times the size of Manhattan – and is one of only a few glaciers in Patagonia that's still growing. It is truly an awesome sight – one that's hard to describe, because when you see it, you just sort of stand there, mouth agape, fascinated.

We've got a few more clips in the works, including our full Patagonia feature video. Stay tuned, and enjoy the view.

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