Fast and Furious 8 will blow things up in Iceland

Remember how we told you that Fast and Furious 8 is headed to New York? Well, we still think that's true, based on Vin Diesel's various hints, but now we also know that filming is taking place in Iceland. And, according to local reports from Akranes, which sits about 28 miles north of Iceland's capital, Reykjavík, the film crew is planning to pull off the largest explosion ever filmed in the country. Well... it'll at least be the largest man-made explosion.

Regardless of where filming is taking place, Fast and Furious just wouldn't be fast or furious without cars. And in the case of the eighth installment, it appears that not all of the vehicles will have proper wheels. Howe and Howe Technologies, of Ripsaw video fame, has apparently provided at least a couple tracked vehicles to Universal Studios, along with some armored Ram trucks and military-looking machinery. Sounds intense.

As cool as all of that sounds – We love Iceland, and who doesn't appreciate a good tracked vehicle in the snow? – the ever-escalating game of silver-screen one-upmanship shows no sign of slowing down. The ninth and tenth installments of the Fast and Furious franchise have already been confirmed, which means more explosions, more heavily-muscled actors and scantily clad actresses, and, of course, more check-reality-at-the-door vehicular stunts. Pass the popcorn.

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