The Vision Gran Turismo program lets auto designers go wild on special creations for the PlayStation game. Bugatti went a little further with its entry by unveiling the full-scale hypercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company even put a ferocious sounding engine in it – as you can hear in his video.

Even at very low revs, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is incredibly loud, and its quad pipes make a raw sound. The hypercar only idles around an exhibition center in this clip, but the concept still exudes an aggressive presence at such low speeds. We'd love to hear the Bugatti on the open road because the engine note probably improves as the speed climbs.

The Vision Gran Turismo was a one-off, but the concept provided an early preview of the upcoming Chiron's styling. Based on spy shots, they share similar noses with narrow headlights. Both also put a visual emphasis on the oval that the A-pillar forms as it flows into the massive side intake. The Chiron cleans up the shape by removing most of the oversized ducts and spoilers, though. The brand's new hypercar finally debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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