The Nissan 240SX became one of the icons of drifting scene thanks to a combination of being fairly inexpensive and mechanically robust. It also responds well to modifications and looks good doing it. MotorWeek's latest Retro Review remembers the less common 1992 240SX Convertible, which doesn't have some of its hardtop sibling's positive attributes.

MotorWeek praises the convertible conversion for preserving the 240SX's great styling, and they're absolutely right. Unfortunately, the removal of the car's metal roof ruin its performance potential. The review complains about body flex several times, and the droptop isn't exactly quick. The run to 60 miles per hour takes a languid 10.6 seconds, which is 2 seconds off the time set by its hardtop sibling. Making matters worse for potential drifters, customers could only order a four-speed automatic gearbox.

After looking back, the 240SX Convertible seems like a miss for Nissan. Other than the slight advantage of having a backseat, it's basically impossible to justify this car today over a Mazda MX-5 Miata of the same vintage. If a Nissan diehard really wants a droptop, a more modern 350Z or 370Z Roadster is most definitely a more exciting choice.

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