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Oh, Hornet pilots, don't change. Aside from the Hornet Ball series, pilots of the Navy's F/A-18s have a tendency to get caught on camera doing some really awesome stuff. Whether it's the Blue Angels doing (accidental) donuts or screaming over the Super Bowl, or the aforementioned Hornet Ball, we can F-18s to deliver some entertaining footage. And now, we can trust it to be beautiful, too.

This video comes from VFA-154, the Black Knight squadron, and not only introduces the Super Hornets with a Top Gear-like flair, but features loads of airborne footage. There's some air-combat practice and basic maneuvers, all of which took place on the squadron's most recent maintenance phase, in the US. You won't get a lot of carrier-based action then, but there's still some good stuff, including a cameo by a US Air Force F-22 Raptor.

The video is just over five minutes long, and does feature Lil John's "Turn Down For What," so don't expect all sorts of fun fighter jet sounds. Still, it's a good way to soak up a few minutes of this boring Monday. Check out the video up top.

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