Regular washing and detailing is an important part of automotive care. An Australian woman took her car's cleanliness a little too seriously last week, and video of her efforts has gone viral. On February 19, Sam Bajram of Perth, Australia, was waiting in line to use a self-serve car wash when he noticed something unusual going on in the bay ahead of him. A woman was using the foaming brush to vigorously scrub the interior of her car. As she soaked down her interior with soap and water, Bajram took out his phone and shot a short video of the strange sight. Thinking little of it, he posted the video to his Facebook page for his friends and family to enjoy.

By the following Monday, nearly two million people had viewed the video, and it had been shared 12,000 times. After he posted the video, Mr. Bajram was swamped with random friend requests and countless comments from strangers from all around the world.

"Someone said maybe she had killed someone and was wanting to wipe away the evidence," Bajram told WAtoday. "I've been contacted by car detailers saying, 'So that's the way you do it?' I even had a work mate today say, 'Have you seen that video of the woman washing the car?'" Mr. Bajram said that had he known the video would be so popular, he would have uploaded it to YouTube instead of Facebook.

"I'm really shocked and surprised the video went viral," he said. "If I know it was going to go viral I would've put it on YouTube and make some coin(sic)".

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