Suter MMX 500 2-stroke and Ian Lougher to attack Isle of Man

Snaefell veteran has expansion-pipe wishes and castor-oil dreams.

Those who grew up riding motorcycles smelling of premix were pleased as pie when Suter announced the MMX 500, a two-stroke machine with the kind of high power and low weight needed to take on the latest and greatest four-strokes from the likes of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Ducati. A small run of 99 bikes means the 500 MMX stands a good chance of becoming a collectible, but it was really made for racing.

Little surprise, then, that the internet has been ringing and dinging with glee at the prospect of seeing and hearing the Suter MMX 500 attack the 38-mile Snaefell Mountain Course at the Isle of Man. The bike's 195 horsepower, 280 pounds and 193-mph top speed mean it's got the gumption to run with the big boys. We wouldn't expect Suter to be an immediate threat to the Honda CBR1000RR mounts that have dominated in recent years, but we're sure it'll be a blast to watch 'em try.

Ian Lougher, recently confirmed as the man who will lead the Suter charge, is a perfect choice to take the two-stroke reins. Lougher earned 10 race wins at the TT between 1984 and 2013, and has started a record 126 races on the Isle. Lougher commented on the reasons Suter pulled him out of retirement. "I really warmed to Estil Suter's approach on this project," he said. "Despite the emotions that are undoubtedly attached to something of this nature, Suter Racing is approaching it both objectively and professionally which is the only way to go racing on the TT course."

"I'm sure the spectators are in for a treat from the word go," added Lougher. We collectively send our oil-soaked best wishes to both Suter and Lougher. You can be sure we'll be watching it all play out live in all its smoky glory.

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