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North Korean missile and nuclear weapons testing has provoked the most aggressive response from the United States yet. After flying a B-52 Stratofortress over South Korea last month, the US Air Force's deadliest new weapons platform, the F-22 Raptor, was relocated from Okinawa to Osan Air Base. And yes, the base literally rolled out the red carpet for the four Raptors, parking one between a Republic of Korea F-15 and a USAF F-16, as shown above.

The DPRK has conducted two tests this year alone. According to Stars and Stripes, it detonated an underground nuclear blast on January 6, and followed that up by launching a rocket experts said looked mysteriously like a ballistic missile, on Super Bowl Sunday. The arrival of the Raptors at Osan, though, isn't necessarily in response to these prior tests – the B-52 probably did a fine job of that, we're betting – but to reports that the North was preparing yet another test in the near future.

These recent developments serve to highlight the degradation in relations between the two Korea's and the South's allies. Beyond the DPRK tests, the B-52 flyover, and the arrival of the Raptors, Stars and Stripes reports that both sides have resumed propaganda broadcasts, via loud speaker, at the border, and that the Kaesong industrial park, a joint venture between the two countries, has been shuttered.

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