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ALEC is a name many people either distrust or don't recognize. If you know about the American Legislative Exchange Council, then you likely know that it has worked somewhat behind the scenes for years to influence laws across the US, often with a corporate-friendly intent.

Thanks to the work of groups like ALEC Exposed, the think tank has become suspect in the public eye. For years now, the ALEC's representatives have written laws that limited environmental protections and spewed doubt into the climate change debate. Often, the same wording was used in laws in multiple states. ALEC is heavily funded by the conservative Koch Brothers and "other right-wing foundations," according to PR Watch.

Ford did not give a reason for ending its support for ALEC. Without addressing the future, all Ford's Christin Baker would say, in an email to AutoblogGreen, was that, "As part of our annual budget review in 2015, we adjusted our participation in several groups. We will not be participating in ALEC in 2016."

Still, we can guess the reasons. When you specifically state that you are, "committed to doing our share to prevent or reduce the potential for environmental, economic and social harm due to climate change," perhaps shacking up with a climate-change denier isn't the best move. Well, at least after years of letting it slide, it isn't.

Ford is not the first automaker to sever its ties with ALEC. GM did so in 2012. Even oil giant Shell cut the cord in 2015 (AOL, which owns Autoblog, did so in 2014).

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