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There have been many developments from automotive manufacturers and support industries in recent years to make the driving experience less emotionally and physically taxing. Lane Departure Warnings, Blind Spot Indicators, Adaptive Cruise Control, and even autonomous settings have all been rolled out to the public. Apple and Google are even considering testing vehicles that are completely computer driven. These have all led to the question, Will the driverless car become the norm for consumers of the future?

The answer to that is yes, and no.

Let's explore those that would embrace the driverless car. Generally speaking, this group would include those that don't like driving, or those that see it as a necessary evil resulting from the need to escape urban sprawl. There are also those that are older and have experienced their reflexes dropping off in sharpness preferring someone else to do their driving. There are also those with enough financial power that they pay chauffeurs to drive for them. All these groups would more than likely embrace the driverless options that the future has for the consumer. Yes, this group would be more apt to easily acclimate to driverless vehicles. So, it would quickly become a normal part of life for them.

There are others though, that wouldn't acclimate well to driverless vehicles. For them, driverless cars will not be the new normal any time soon. In fact, rejection could even be a possibility. These are the people that like the feel of the pavement rolling under their car and the feedback they feel from the steering wheel and throttle control. For them, the ability to choose the visceral driving experience is their enjoyment. To take that away from them would be to remove part of the daily fun quotient. No, these people would not allow the driverless car to become the norm in their lives.

So, which is it? Will driverless vehicles become the norm for the public at large or not? The answer is neither yes or no. Instead, coexistence will become the norm. Driverless vehicles are just another tool in the transportation toolbox. Many tools after all, can achieve the same results. Take a look for example at the pen, pencil, typewriter, and word processor. As long as humans have choice, there will be those that prefer one thing over another. It is the same with the driverless vehicles.

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