Drone operator unwittingly films new Top Gear shoot

The Scottish Highlands is known for its breathtaking natural splendor, but it was the man made splendor of an American muscle car that recently caught a local man's eye. Kieth Bremner and his wife Jennifer were out for a leisurely Valentine's Day drive when Kieth spotted a bright yellow 2016 Ford Mustang blasting across the Kylesku Bridge in northwestern Scotland. An amateur photographer and drone operator from Inverness, Kieth happened to have a camera-equipped drone with him, so he pulled over, deployed his drone, and filmed the Mustang doing passes across the bridge.

What he initially thought was a chance encounter with an American hot rod turned out to be so much more, however. Unbeknownst to him, Kieth had stumbled onto a filming location for the BBC's new Top Gear series. Staged in a small car park before the entrance to the bridge, the Top Gear crew were filming new presenter Rory Reid driving both the new Mustang and a classic 1967 Mustang across the long, graceful span.

Mr. Bremner's aerial footage, which runs roughly five minutes, shows Reid speeding across the bridge and driving through the twisting roads that approach the bridge from either side. Once he got his footage, he met Reid and the Top Gear crew at the car park where they discussed cars and quadcopters.

"It was marvelous to watch," Bremner told the Daily Mail. "I filmed the whole thing remotely from the bridge car park. They were racing along and it was incredible." He also had a short and friendly conversation with Reid where they discussed the drone and the filming of the new Top Gear segment.

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