Volkswagen has issued a recall for the 2011 through 2015 model years of the Touareg Hybrid. Vehicles manufactured between March 20, 2010 and April 11, 2015 could have problems with the hybrid battery tray not draining water properly. This could cause a possible electrical short in the battery, which poses a fire risk. Volkswagen dealers will install a fitted drain valve in the affected vehicles (of which there are up to 825) free of charge. For more information, read the recall notice from the NHTSA.

Chinese bioenergy group Kaidi plans to build a $1.1 billion biofuel refinery in Finland. The biomass-to-liquid refinery will use energy wood to make 200,000 tons of fuel annually, which is expected to be 75 percent biodiesel and 25 percent biogasoline. Kaidi will use plasma gasification technology that converts organic matter into synthetic gas, and a Fischer-Tropsch process to turn that gas into liquid hydrocarbons. Kaidi estimates that the plant will bring in some $223 million in tax revenues, provide 150 full-time jobs, hundreds of subcontractor jobs and 4,000 man-years of construction work. Read more at Green Car Congress, and in the press release from Kaidi.

Germany wants to perform random emissions testing on cars. "There will be controls on vehicles in the style of doping tests," says Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt. "Unannounced and every year." It's possible the government would use a rotating staff of technicians to test rental cars. A draft proposal is expected to go in front of the Bundestag lower house of parliament this week. Germany wants to find a way past the Volkswagen emissions scandal and build trust for its auto industry once again. Read more from Reuters.

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