It wasn't negligent owners that allowed this triceratops to wander the roadways and block traffic on the Isle of Wight in the UK late Friday night. No, this triceratops was dino-napped, probably by a group of very strong, fairly drunk pranksters. The 20-foot representation of a herbivorous ceratopsid was found blocking High Street of the small village of Godshill. Residents quickly took to social media to celebrate the dinosaur's wandering ways, the Isle of Wight County Press reported.

That priceless moment when you're driving home from work at 3am and the road is blocked by a 20ft Triceratops!!! #godblessbeer #someoneneedsamedal

Posted by Chris Hollingshead on Friday, February 12, 2016

Excited posters nicknamed the dino Godshilla in honor of the tiny hamlet where she roams. Owner Martin Simpson wasn't too mad that his triceratops was nabbed, though he doesn't want the prank repeated. He's impressed it got as far as it did, noting it must have taken five hefty lads to move it.

"It's great people are talking about it, but I wouldn't want to encourage anybody to cause a hazard for traffic," he said. Simpson bought Godshilla in 2007. He planned to give her a coat of pink paint and add her to his business, Island Gem's Jurassic Garden. Simpson thought the prank was all in good fun, though he does plan on building a fence to keep her from wandering.

"We thought there must be a speed limit for triceratops or something, that we were breaking. But they just wanted to have their picture taken with it!" Simpson told the Press. Apparently this isn't the first time Godshilla has been the target of pranksters. The owners of the pub across the street from where the triceratops was left told the Press that merrymakers tied balloons around its neck and hung tinsel from the statue around Christmas.

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