Idaho State Police released dashcam footage this week of an April 2015 chase that ended in a dramatic crash and the fleeing driver being thrown from his truck. Last year, Jose Manuel Sanchez of Boise turned a routine traffic stop into a Hollywood-style car chase when he attempted to ram a Boise police officer, pinned him in his cruiser breaking the officer's leg, and fled from the scene in his Ram 1500. Sanchez then fled through the city, leading Boise Police on a chase at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour until entering eastbound Interstate 84. From there, he was picked up by Idaho State Police, who chased him for miles until he crashed the truck and was apprehended, KBOI reported.

The video is dashcam footage from the pursuing ISP interceptor showing the last two minutes of the chase. The chase began with the ISP officer close behind the blue Ram pickup, and continued relatively uneventfully for a minute and a half as the officer maintained his tail of Sanchez as he weaved through interstate traffic. Suddenly, the truck drifted into the median, briefly entered oncoming westbound traffic, then veered back across the eastbound lanes where it exits the outer shoulder completely out of control and rolls.

The truck kicked up a huge cloud of dust and debris as it tumbled. First a wheel and then Sanchez himself can be seen flying out of the cloud. The pursuing ISP officer immediately pulled over and, miraculously, Sanchez came out of the dust cloud and attempted to flee on foot. The officer ordered Sanchez to get on the ground as he exits the car and draws his weapon, but Sanchez seemed unwilling or unable to comply with his orders. ISP officers eventually took him into custody however, and Sanchez was charged with felony battery of an officer, eluding, and possession of a controlled substance, all of which netted him a fifteen year prison sentence.

The video was released this month because the ISP wanted to officially recognize two individuals who assisted in Sanchez's capture. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Jason Henley of Ohio, who assisted ISP troopers after the crash, and Jose R. Medrano-Lopez who provided assistance but could not be contacted to receive his award.

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