Charles Morgan is creating an interesting niche among classic car videos on YouTube. Rather than just taking an iconic machine for a drive, Morgan's Carfection series often includes interviews with people who keep these vehicles on the road. This time he visits The SL Shop in the UK, which specializes in restoring and modernizing Mercedes-Benz's luxury roadster, and then Morgan takes a 1987 SL500 for a ride in Wales.

Morgan freely admits that the SL500 is for cruising around; this absolutely is not a hardcore sports car. However, the luxurious convertible is perfect at its job. He likens driving the droptop to riding on a magic carpet because the combination of a big V8 and floaty suspension mean you just glide over the road. Morgan also thinks this generation of SL-Class might be the last over-engineered Mercedes.

The Welsh backdrop makes for a beautiful setting for Morgan to explain a little bit about the R107 SL's history and to enjoy its comfy ride. Join him on his automotive magic carpet in this clip from Carfection.

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Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

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