It's cute because it's wider at the front and sorta looks like a bug crossed with a baby bear. It's seemingly unstoppable because, well, just look at the thing. Watch as the pair in the video drive onto a frozen lake, break the ice, and then proceed to float on those giganto tires. The tires then act as paddle wheels to keep the thing moving in the water until there's something more solid to grab onto.

This Russian ATV is called the Sherpa. It's powered by a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine and has a five-speed manual transmission. It'll do about 4 mph in water (freezing or otherwise) and can hit a max of 28 on land. The tires are a little over five feet tall and can handle obstacles about 27 inches high, according to the manufacturer.

Other neat details: The windshield folds up and out of the way for open-frigid-air motoring. The wheels are braked independently side to side, so it can make pivot turns on either front tire. Sherpa makes them with a standard pickup bed and collapsible awning, or with the hard wagon body you see here. Plus, Cyrillic words we can't read! And, with the wheels set wider up front, it almost reminds us of the Pontiac Grand Prix GXP's super-wide-track stance. Almost.

Want one? The base model is listed at $65,000. You just have to figure out how to get it here, but luckily it's just a short whatever-this-thing-is ride across the Bering Strait.

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