Road rage turns into fist fight on California freeway

An enraged driver was filmed stopping on a busy highway in California to beat a fellow motorist this week. Another driver started filming moments before two men went at it in the middle of traffic on the 134 freeway near Glendale, CA. The filmmaker, who didn't want to be named, told CBS Los Angeles he started filming when he saw a driver in an Infiniti repeatedly trying to cut off a man in a Volkswagen Jetta. He was concerned the two cars might crash.

The driver of the Jetta told CBS his side of the story. He also did not want to be identified. He said the Infiniti crossed several lanes to cut him off. The driver of the Infiniti threw what appeared to be coins at his car. Eventually the two road-ragers and the filming driver come to a stop on the busy freeway. Amazingly, no one was hit though horns blared in the background. The Infiniti driver left his own vehicle and confronted the driver of the Jetta, who was still in his driver's seat. He punched the driver several times, and choked him. The Jetta driver told CBS that the man kept asking why he was mocking him.

"I really thought if this guy does one step to the left, he's going to get hit by a car in the carpool lane," the anonymous filmmaker told CBS. "You saw him, he was screaming at him. Strike him a couple of times and the Jetta is just trying to leave the scene."

While the Jetta driver didn't file a police report, California Highway Patrol released a statement saying it's investigating the incident and urging anyone with information to come forward.

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