Pickup truck plunges into freezing sinkhole in Canada

A pickup truck plunged into a freezing sinkhole Wednesday morning in Kitchener, Ontario, trapping two men who were rescued by city utility workers, CBC reports.

The accident occurred due to a water main break in Kitchener, which is about 60 miles west of Toronto. City officials were in the middle of closing the road when the truck hit the sinkhole. The two men were going to work and were towing a landscaping trailer. The truck nearly completely sank, and the trailer listed forward precariously. Utility workers already in the area assisted the men, CBC said.

Russ Langford, owner of the landscaping company called Tri Green, said his workers were unharmed. "They got wet, they kind of had do some swimming," he told CBC. "The truck filled up with water immediately, and they got out through the windows."

Tammy Gaber, a city utility official, told CBC it will take two days to fix the sinkhole, which is complicated because there's a water main underneath the crash site. "We have to be really careful with this truck here because there's a water main underneath it and we've got to make sure that none of that gasoline or diesel fuel gets into that water main," Gaber said.

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