Vallie offers to charge your EV before parking it in London

More Than A Parking App

After a small test in the heart of London, Vallie has started to expand its on-demand valet parking service. At least a little bit, anyway. The app now covers a slightly larger patch of the city, stretching as far as King's Cross St. Pancras station in the North, Whitechapel in the East and Marble Arch station in the West. It then drops down towards the Thames and snakes along the Northern edge of the river, never quite encroaching Southwark or its surrounding boroughs. Vallie now claims to cover "all of central London" -- we'll let you decide whether that statement is accurate.

As before, you can use the app to call a pre-checked driver who will arrive on a kick scooter and take your vehicle to one of Vallie's partner car parks. Starting today, however, you can also pay for additional services while you're occupied with other tasks in London. That includes getting an MOT check, electric charging, petrol refills and car washes. In other words, the service isn't just about parking anymore, but taking care of almost any little chore related to car ownership. Which could be useful, if you're a busybody that doesn't mind paying a premium for the convenience.

This article by Nick Summers originally ran on Engadget, the definitive guide to this connected life.

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