Jay Leno tames the Rezvani Beast

As little as there is to it, there's a lot to love about the Ariel Atom. Just ask Jay Leno, who counts one among the dozens of cars in his garage. The trouble is that, purposeful though it looks, it's not very pretty. And without any bodywork to speak of, it's not very practical, either. Enter Ferris Rezvani, who stopped by Jay's Garage for this video with his custom creation.

It's called the Rezvani Beast, and in case you hadn't seen it until now, it's basically a rebodied and upgraded Atom. As you can see, it has actual bodywork, and even a little windshield. But it also features all manner of mechanical upgrades as well, turning a bare-bones track toy into a bona fide supercar. With just 1,600 pounds to motivate, 500 horsepower is all it takes to hit 60 in less than three seconds.

Each one is custom made to order according to the buyer's specifications and takes 12 weeks to complete, but even at $165k it seems like a relative bargain when you consider that won't even get you into a "base" V8 Ferrari these days. With no roof or cargo space whatsoever, it wouldn't be what you'd call "practical" by any stretch of the imagination. At least not compared to most cars. But relative to the rolling frame on which it's based, it suddenly looks downright pragmatic. Check it out on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

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