Honda: Somebody To Love (Ridgeline)

If you want to search for symbolism in this Honda Ridgeline ad that aired during Super Bowl 50, there's plenty to be had. It looks like a simple, funny demonstration of the compact truck's cargo bed audio system. Sheep, hearing the speakers from the back of bed, pick up the earworm of Queen's Somebody to Love and start singing on their own. But the sheep imagery could also be seen as an indictment of the me-too half-ton truck crowd. The Ridgeline, returning for the second generation after a brief hiatus, is sort of an anti-truck with unibody construction, a dual-hinged tailgate, and a trunk inside the bed. Normal pickup folk see the Ridgeline as not enough truck. Honda fans see those types as sheeple. Or maybe it's just a fun ad with a catchy song and some talking animals.

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