When you're parking on a frozen lake, some might think it goes without saying that you're potentially putting your vehicle into danger. Park at your own risk, in other words. That's probably not very comforting to the owners of the cars you see in the video above. The drivers of the now-submerged vehicles were reportedly attending Winterfest, a snow sculpting competition held near Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, and it's apparently relatively common to park atop the frozen lake. Unseasonable warm weather and an overabundance of vehicles for the Winterfest event, though, made parking on Lake Geneva more hazardous than usual.

Fox6 News, the local affiliate, reports that tow trucks are on the scene attempting to pull the cars out of the water. Authorities must not be too concerned about more danger to Winterfest attendees, as video footage shows that people are still allowed out on the ice. Seems like a pretty bad idea to us, but what do we know?

Check out the drone footage in the video above to see the automotive carnage for yourself. If you want more, we've also embedded a local news report below.

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