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So the countdown has officially started. The premiere of the new Top Gear will air on May 8, and the hype is getting higher and higher as the days pass and more information makes its way out. The tweet that Chris Evans posted on February 4 shows Chris Harris, one of the most popular motoring journalists, at a Top Gear staff meeting. That's following the news of Matt LeBlanc joining the team, which comes after the picture of Evans feeling sick after riding in a car with Sabine Schmitz, which comes a short time after the possible rage-quit of Chris Evans himself.

All of these things help the suspense grow and I think it is clear that the TG social media team has a role in this. Considering all of these things, I guess that the situation is still evolving – and over the following weeks we are going to see other Twitter or Facebook posts or just leaked photos – but there is something I want to say about this marketing game: it is unfairly playing with fans' emotions!

We want to know everything about the new show, we want to say "It's going to be a complete failure!" or "My God I can't wait, it's going to be epic!" and argue about who the hosts could be or just whether they are the right ones. In the end I think that the arrival of Chris Harris to Top Gear could be a great thing (especially for his spectacular driving always set on "drift mode," even when he's not in the new Focus RS), but there's also the possibility that the trio becomes a duo with LeBlanc and Evans as the main couple. Then, eventually, Harris and Sabine Schmitz - or other important guests - could gravitate around like satellites, very fast satellites indeed.

That could be an effective way to be different from the previous format lead by Clarkson. In the end this picture might be clear evidence that I am wrong and Harris will join the team but again I hope Evans is not going to do the wrong thing copying what had gone on air during the previous 22 seasons. It would be disappointing. I don't know. You know what? I think that the social media team is doing a great job. Unfair, but great.

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