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First things first. I'm Craig Harper and I'm from the UK. I was raised on a farm. Drove cars from 10 years old. I had 16 cars before my 17th birthday, when I passed my driving test (UK). I trained as a mechanic. I retrained as a Design and Technology teacher in my mid 20s. I decided to set up a race team full time in 2014, ProRace Scotland. I freelance for race, drift and various other types of motorsport teams around the world.

Winter of 2015/16 I find myself in Saudi working with the most successful drift champion in the GCC. Helping to create the next (yet only second) generation of motorsport fans, drivers, and teams in SA. That about covers the last 20 years.

AQ Racing (currently re-branding to Mahara Racing) provides mechanical services for drag, drift, and race cars. Based in Saudi Arabia it is not only an uncommon workshop, but almost an entirely unique concept in Al-Khobar.

Outside the workshop is the Burger Fuel Chevrolet Camaro alongside its stable mate, a 1960s Ford Mustang. Used as display pieces for the Burger Fuel brand in SA, I am still kinda up in the air about these cars. I love seeing them parked up and people admiring the beauty and the fact a business identified and actioned them as uber icons. The other side of me is kinda sad and wants to see a GM Performance 502 dropped in a 4th gear burnouts. Sitting just outside the workshop is collection of Ford Super Duty's and Faisel's Chevrolet Corvette drag car, rocking a mean 2,000 horsepower...yes, 2,000 hp.

Upon entering the workshop is a barrage of horsepower. Several Hyundai Genesis Coupes with their V6 swapped out for a Chevrolet LS-series V8 engine. The Al-Jazirah Ford Racing drag Ford Mustang awaiting some upgrades and TLC. On the ramp is Faisel's Chevrolet Avalanche, getting a nice 6.0 LS-series V8 upgrade after an oiling issue on the old engine.

Moving onward is the first of two Al-Jazirah drift cars: a 450-whp RTRd Mustang parked up next to the 302 V8 rear-wheel-drive-converted Ford Focus. Tucked in the corner is a 350Z with a fresh LS-series V8 engine fitted.

Waiting upon the first round of King of Nations is Sultan Kayello's Al-Majdouie Hyundai Genesis Coupe with yet another Chevrolet LS engine swap, outputting an easy 450 hp.

Well, I will let the video do the rest of the talking for now...

Welcome to AQ Racing in Al Khobar ("HoBar" for the Scottish)#ChevyCamaro#FordMustang#LsV8

Posted by Craig Harper on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

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