Motorcyclists face numerous dangers when they gear up for a ride, everything from wandering wildlife to distracted drivers. A rider in Nevada encountered something even more dangerous last week when a driver pulled a pistol on him during a traffic encounter.

The motorcyclist, who according to Fox News wished to remain anonymous, posted a video of the altercation to YouTube on Saturday, January 30. The footage, shot with a helmet-mounted GoPro, shows a group of dirt bikes and dual sports traveling down Boulder Highway in Henderson, NV. At one point, as the riders approached a traffic light, one of the riders drifted off the road and kicked up some dust, angering a driver in a blue pickup truck. It also, apparently, enraged a pair of unrelated men in a red Chevy Silverado.

The driver of the red truck rolled down his window and made obscene gestures at the riders, accompanying this display with shouting and swearing. At the light, the unnamed rider rolled up to the red Silverado's passenger door and made a decision he immediately regretted–he tapped on the window to ask the occupants what's going on. As soon as the window rolls down, the two men inside the truck immediately began screaming and swearing at the rider. The driver then pulled out a pistol and, with his finger on the trigger, pointed it at the rider and warns him that he is going to get shot.

"Honestly, I didn't think that I'd get a gun put in my face for going up to the guy's window," the anonymous rider told FOX5. "I didn't really think it was gonna escalate to what it did, and that's literally the first time I've gone up to somebody's window in traffic like that, and it will be the last."

By Monday morning, the YouTube video had more than 330,000 views. The anonymous rider turned the unedited video over to the Henderson Police Department when he reported the incident. A man claiming to be the driver of the red Silverado called FOX5 on Tuesday. He stated that the video does not show the whole story, and that he felt threatened by the group of motorcyclists who he claimed had been "riding aggressively". He also stated that he carries a concealed carry permit, and that he has gone to the police to file his own report.

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