Red Bull Racing challenges Bath Rugby Club to a fight

Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo has faced some pretty stiff competition in his career, but none so menacing as an eight-man rugby scrum. In early 2016, Red Bull Racing pulled another of its clever F1 stunts by sending Ricciardo and the bleeding-edge RB8 F1 car to England to take on Bath Rugby Club in a scrum-off.

The contest pitted the RB8's 750 horsepower and miles of torque against the brute strength of Bath Rugby's first-string bruisers. This ultimate man vs. machine match took place at the historic Farleigh House, Bath Rugby's training facility in the picturesque English countryside. Using a specially modified scrum machine, Ricciardo and his car faced off against the powerful eight-man scrum.

Ricciardo and the RB8 lined up on one side of the machine, while the rugby players lined up opposite. Placing the car's modified nose gingerly against the scrum machine, Ricciardo then attempted to push Bath's finest over the line in a reverse tug-o-war. According to, Ricciardo was a little confused by the competition at first.

"I didn't quite understand what they wanted to do at first, I was like, "How do you do that?" It didn't take him long to get the hang of it, however. Accompanied by grunts, burning rubber, and the howl of the RB8's high-strung Renault V8, Ricciardo and the Bath forwards pushed each other around for a while before eventually calling it a draw. After the good-natured competition, both driver and rugby team retired to the field to throw the ball around.

When asked about his new friends, the down-to-Earth Ricciardo said, "I respect them a lot as athletes. They're big, powerful, they get up from big hits and they know that's part of it."

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