Porsche has made a fantastic array of driver's cars over the years, but few can still drum up the kind of excitement as the first 911 GT2. It launched in 1993, based (appropriately enough) on the 993-generation model to serve as a homologation special, and remains a cult classic over two decades later. So to review one, the blokes at Carfection brought in Charles Morgan, former managing director of his family's sportscar manufacturer.

The 993-gen GT2 was the first of its breed, packing a 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat-six cooled by air and good for 430 horsepower, all driven to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. It had a full roll cage, plastic fenders riveted over the wider track, and... little else. It was raw, engaging, and extremely rare. Only 57 road-going examples were made, and these days they're trading hands for stupid money that only investors could afford – but could not afford to drive lest it crash into a write-off.

Little wonder that Harry Metcalfe opted for a non-original example that had been brought up to GT2 spec in the aftermarket, and that's what Mr. Morgan is driving here as well. That may make it less authentic, but it still looks like a blast to drive along twisting country roads. See for yourself in the eight-minute clip above, brought to you by the same chaps who used to make the Xcar videos.

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